Penderyn Whiskey distillery in Swansea

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Companies Involved

The recent official opening of the third distillery by Penderyn, Wales’ esteemed whisky producer, in Swansea marks a significant milestone in the cultural and economic revitalisation of the city.

Project overview

The completion of the state-of-the-art Penderyn Whiskey distillery at Hafod Morfa Copperworks in Swansea was made possible through the joint efforts of Penderyn Distillery, Swansea Council, Swansea University, and several funding sources. With a collective investment of £15 million, the project aimed to restore the historical site and create a captivating visitor attraction.

RD Group’s Involvement

RD Group played a crucial role in the development of the Penderyn Whiskey distillery project, with two of its subsidiary companies, EFT Consult and RDM Electrical & Mechanical Services, undertaking key responsibilities.

RDM Electrical & Mechanical Services

RDM Electrical & Mechanical Services has provided electrical and mechanical installations, playing a vital role in equipping the distillery with modern infrastructure. Its scope of work included:

  • Electrical installations: RDM provided expert electrical services for the distillery, encompassing the installation of power distribution systems, lighting, security systems, and other electrical components. They ensured the distillery had a reliable and efficient electrical infrastructure to support its operations.
  • Mechanical systems: RDM undertook the installation of mechanical systems, including heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. They ensured a comfortable and controlled environment within the distillery for the production and storage of whiskey.
  • Compliance and testing: RDM conducted rigorous testing and inspections to ensure that all electrical and mechanical installations complied with industry standards and regulations. This included verifying the safety, performance, and reliability of the systems before the distillery’s operational launch.

Continuing work

While the distillery has officially opened its doors, work is still ongoing by RD Group and other contractors to complete additional components of the project. This includes the finalisation of the visitor centre, exhibition space, masterclass room, and other facilities. RD Group, through its subsidiaries EFT Consult and RDM Electrical & Mechanical Services, continues to play an active role in ensuring the successful completion of these areas, providing their expertise in project management, design, engineering, and installation services.

Once the remaining work is finished, the Penderyn Whiskey distillery and its accompanying visitor facilities will offer a captivating experience, immersing visitors in the brand’s story while showcasing world-class whiskey from Wales.

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