Pembrokeshire Welsh Medium Primary School

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Building a sustainable future: a net zero approach to constructing Pembrokeshire Primary School

Project overview

Raven Delta (RD) Group has undertaken a significant role as a subcontractor in the construction of the new Pembrokeshire Welsh Medium Primary School. The project, valued at £16,300,000 in its entirety, and £1,800,000 for the mechanical and electrical works, commenced in April 2023 with the design phase and is due to be completed by June 2024. This education sector project was commissioned by Pembrokeshire Council, with Morgan Sindall acting as the main contractor.

Our role

RD Group’s primary responsibility as a subcontractor is to facilitate the mechanical and electrical works for the project. This will involve the design and installation of all mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services, including specialist systems. RD Group will play a crucial role in developing the stage 4a scheme, incorporating value engineering, and progressing the design through to stage 5, which involves construction. The project will be executed using Building Information Modelling (BIM), ensuring comprehensive clash detection and coordination.

Special features and design

The Pembrokeshire Welsh Medium Primary School stands out as a carbon net zero project, highlighting its commitment to environmental sustainability. The design and build of the school will be focussed on achieving a carbon-neutral footprint. The installation will incorporate various sustainable technologies and systems to minimise energy consumption and carbon emissions. Notably, the school’s heating and hot water needs will be met through heat pumps, promoting efficient energy usage.

The facility will encompass classrooms ranging from nursery to year 6, along with a Cylch Meithrin (Welsh medium playground) facility. The aim of the Cylch Meithrin is to promote the education and development of children from two years old to school age through the medium of Welsh.

One of the project’s special features will be the integration of a 140kW photovoltaic (PV) solar array, covering an estimated 670m² area. This PV array will generate approximately 120,520 kWh of electricity annually, contributing significantly to the school’s renewable energy supply.


Overcoming challenges

One of the notable challenges encountered so far during this project was budget, with the solution being value engineering. RD Group conducted a comprehensive review of products and systems to ensure optimal efficiency and cost-effectiveness for the project, overcoming budgetary constraints without compromising quality or performance.

Although the project has yet to receive any awards, it aims to achieve the BREEAM 2018 Outstanding certification, showcasing its commitment to sustainable construction and high environmental standards.

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