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Empowering communities as a founding partner of the Swansea Bay Foundation

Here at Raven Delta (RD) Group, we are proud to have recently become a founding partner of the Swansea Bay Foundation – a new charity committed to strengthening local places and improving lives – which has around £60,000 earmarked for distribution to local groups and good causes this year.

Through our partnership with the Foundation, RD Group will make a tangible difference by supporting projects that enhance communities, protect the environment, and care for vulnerable individuals. Together with our fellow partners, we aim to create a brighter future for Swansea, leaving a lasting impact on the lives of its residents.

RD Group has long upheld a philosophy of giving back to the communities that have supported us throughout our journey of success. By partnering with the Swansea Bay Foundation, we have found an ideal platform to maximise the positive impact of our contributions. The Foundation's mission aligns perfectly with RD Group's values, as we share the vision of nurturing a thriving, inclusive, and sustainable community.

The Swansea Bay Foundation empowers local groups and charitable causes by providing grants and donations to help meaningful projects. From community-driven initiatives to environmental conservation efforts, the Foundation's support extends to a diverse range of projects that make a real difference to people across Swansea.

To ensure that the Foundation's resources are channelled to the most deserving projects, it has opened an online application form on its website ( This move is aimed at encouraging groups from across the region to apply for financial support ranging from £500 to £5,000. The application process is designed to be inclusive, allowing a wide range of initiatives to come forward and demonstrate their potential to positively impact the local community.

The Foundation is particularly interested in projects that contribute to three core areas of impact:

Community development: activities that connect local people, strengthen relationships, and build inclusive communities where everyone feels valued and welcome.

Improving the local environment: activities that make local places more vibrant, green and sustainable, helping communities adapt creatively to the challenges of our fast-changing world – be that economic, environmental or psychological.

Caring for vulnerable people: activities that serve the special needs of local people, enhancing their wellbeing and helping to ensure everyone can live a good life in their local communities.

As a founding partner of the Swansea Bay Foundation, we are helping pave the way for a brighter and more sustainable future for Swansea. The Foundation's dedication to making a positive difference in the community has already created a powerful alliance, which will enable transformative projects to thrive.

For more information on Swansea Bay Foundation visit The Swansea Bay Foundation | Local Businesses Giving Something Back and/or The Swansea Bay Foundation | LinkedIn

Date: 8 August 2023